Stop Nuclear Iran:

In the 1930's our father's generation did not act sufficiently to stop the rise of the Nazi war machine from gaining strength. The result of appeasing evil was the death of over 50 million people including 6 million Jews. Our fathers finally defeated the Nazis and vowed, never again.

Just one generation later we are watching a similar monstrous regime grow in strength while pronouncing their intensions of "wiping Israel off the map". President Achmadinijad is attempting to do in 8 minutes what Hitler did in 8 years.

Stephen Harper was the first leader in the world to condemn Hamas. He led the Francophone Summit to condemn Hezbollah’s 2006 war on Israel and he led the world boycotting the UN Racism conference, Durban II. Now we believe he can lead the world against the greatest danger of our generation.

We the undersigned hereby request Prime Minister Stephen Harper to lead the G-20 to impose serious sanctions on Iran until it ceases construction of nuclear material that could be used to build a nuclear bomb.

Together we stand to oppose this evil and say never again.